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Deep Blend n1

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Developed in conjunction with MEYA – Music + Meditation – Deep Blend n1 has been specially formulated to facilitate the meditative state and achieve a deeply relaxed, calm frame of mind.

With essential notes of far away places (in both time and space), Deep n1 combines the sweet fragrances of Jasmine with earthy elements of the near east and just a touch of the West for good measure.

A holistic approach to blending that summons a unique Song of Scents (and Senses) to awaken the Inner Artist in you.

Blending essential oil is both an art and a science.

Like ‘musical notes’, a special synergy is created when different essential oils are blended together, and “Deep n1” has been specifically created by ”MyOils”, to facilitate the meditative experience of MEYA..

(Scientific research has revealed that we respond strongly to smell in the limbic system, the key part that deals with emotions and memories.)

Why? The Unique ‘MyOils’ Blends?…

Because:: Every Oil depends on an other. Yin requires Yang… and each element is seen only within its relation to the whole.

This is the principle of the Traditional Chinese Medicine – for all those who search for inner space.

Enable your inner artist to shine – Create your inner freedom and Be Yourself!

Apply on your skin: rub on your wrists, on your hand, on the back of your head, massage wherever you feel tensions, on your shoulders on your feet.
Put a few drops into your vaporizer, into your warm bath or on your handkerchief!

Warning: Do not take it internally / Avoid taking essential oils by mouth

For further inf plz contact: francesca@myoils.club

So, breathe in and enjoy the Song of Senses! –